Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum?

We have no set minimum but we prefer to have close to a full day of work. We are open to trial runs and smaller batches if you want to get your feet wet. Give us a call or email with how much you expect to have and we’ll work with you.

What is Included?

Bottling- We provide all needed equipment including pump, cartridge filter housing and a three-phase generator. We also include one to two people for labor and can include more upon request at an adjusted price.

Canning- We can provide all needed material which includes can, end (lid), carrier (4 or 6 pack) and case flat (24 to a case.) We also provide our sanitation.

What do we provide?

Bottling- We ask our customers to provide all materials including glass, corks or screwcaps, capsules and labels. We also ask you to provide a forklift or pallet jack, clean water and of course, wine filtered down to at least .65 micron level prior to our arrival. We also generally ask our customers to provide enough labor to keep the line running which usually consists of three or four helpers. Often times we will provide one additional worker if Gage is available.

Canning- We ask our customers to supply a place for us to setup, sufficient power for our line and air compressor service, beer carbonated close to 2.5 volumes and chilled to 28-33 degrees, and at least one person to help.

What will it cost?

Depending on whether you want to can or bottle and what materials you require the prices will be different. All of our services are on a per piece pricing system. Please contact us for a quote.

Space requirements?

Bottling- We require a semi-flat space long enough to park our 60 foot unit that also has access to the wine, bottles, etc.

Canning- We require an indoor footprint about 20 feet long by 3 to 4 feet wide. Must have access to 220v power and water.

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