Highland Cellars has been bottling wine since 2002 for more than 50 New York wineries. We use only the highest quality equipment, comprised of food grade stainless steel. All of our equipment is contained in a 60 foot tractor trailer and can be brought to nearly any location. It only requires a flat place to park.

The full process includes final filtering, bottling, closure (screw cap or cork), capsuling and labeling. We are able to reach speeds up to 2,400 bottles an hour. Our equipment can run many different sizes and styles of bottles including magnum and ice wine/ port style bottles.

We have an onboard three-phase generator that powers our line. We also provide the pump, cartridge filter housing and any other components necessary to the line. We ask our customers to provide all materials including glass, corks or screwcaps, capsules and labels. We also ask you to provide a forklift or pallet jack, clean water and of course, wine filtered down to at least .65 micron level prior to our arrival.

We also generally ask our customers to provide enough labor to keep the line running which usually consists of three or four helpers. Often times we will provide one additional worker if Gage is available. We can also put a full team together given enough notice and at an additional cost.

Our services are priced by the piece. There are no hidden fees or setup charges. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

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