Canning is the newest service provided by the Highland Cellars brand. Since the end of 2015, Highland Cellars has canned for many different breweries and cideries in New York. The canning process is very different from the bottling process and we have travelled all over the North East learning about canning and the double seam.

All of our equipment is kept in a 24 foot box truck which will drive to your location. Upon arrival, all of our equipment is moved out of the truck and into your facility. Our equipment consists of a pre-rinse station, the filler and seamer, a post- rinse and dry station, labeler, as well as a collection station. All of the equipment together takes up a small footprint and is capable of up to 100 cases an hour. Because of the scarcity of cans and unwillingness of can manufacturers to sell small quantities of cans, we have purchased the materials necessary for the canning process.

The full process includes a pre can rinse, CO2 purge, filling, end (lid) application, post rinse, compressed air dry, labeling (if necessary) packing and boxing.

We supply all cleaning and sanitizing products for our line, air compressor and all needed material if needed including can in 12 or 16 oz., end (lid), carrier in 4 or 6 pack and the cardboard case flat (24 cans to a flat.)

We ask our customers to supply a place for us to setup, 110v power with 30 amp service, clean water, product carbonated close to 2.5 volumes and chilled to 28-33 degrees, and at least one person to help.

Our services are by the piece and there are no hidden fees or setup/ downtime charges. Please contact us for more info and a quote.

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